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So, I was riding down to the shops in that llama chariot, you know, the one I stole from that guy.
It's not very easy to control one of them. Especially, yeah, especially when you don't have any llamas (c4u53 ! g07 5k!77z). Well, anyway, I saw that guy, you know, the one with YOUR Skittles and jelly beans. Well, yeah, he saw me to. Do you wanna know what he was this time eating? He was eating, right, he was eating pizza, yeah, pizza, from a bag of jelly beans. The Queen of Englands bag of jellybeans.
HIS pizza, from THE Queen of Englands bag of jelly beans.
Do you wanna know what happened next? He walked up to me, yeah, and he asked me, you following me? He asked me, right, he asked me, yeah, he asked me if he could have his llama chariot back.
You know what I replied? I. Said. No.
Then, yeah, he snapped his fingers, right, pointed at me, with the same hand, then hit himself on the face, yeah, you still following this? Wow, you're still reading this? Why?... So, anyway, he hit himself on the face, yeah, and he disappeared and then, I heard a voice from out of nowhere, cause there was nobody anywhere nearby, and it said, right, it said "WOAH-WOAH! WOAH-WOAH-WOAH-oh-WOAH! It's a chair!" Then I got hit on the back of the head and blacked out.

So, when I wake up, you wanna know what the fisrt thing I see is? The SEA! Then I look down and you know what I see? SAND, dur. I mean seriously, what did you expect, something like "YOU LOST THE GAME"?

So, the other day, I was sitting in my banana-hammock, looking at the llama chariot I stole from some guy.
You wanna know what he was doing? He was eating your Skittles from a bag of jellybeans.
YOUR Skittles.
From YOUR bag of jellybeans.

Do you wanna know what happened next?
I lost the GAME. :D

Timecube theory

2010-08-05 04:01:00 by ShiroiOokami

Timecube theory. What is your opinion?


2010-06-03 04:26:12 by ShiroiOokami

My pokemon are retarded